Volcano/Spa Day

Hey Everyone, its Naomi (writer) and Ana (eating pineapples while supervising) This morning we got up at 4:30 or for some 4:59 for our 5:00 wake up time. That made for some frantic people.Today was another busy day filled with neat experiences. We got to the volcano around 6:30 to start our trek up. The first part […]

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It’s Aboat Time

Haha, see what I did there? About? Aboat? Never mind. We’ll get to that later in this post. Hi, it’s Grace and CJ. Aiden is supposed to be here, but he isn’t here yet. We’re sorry in advance if this post makes no sense, because we all woke up at 4:30 this morning. Plus, we’ve […]

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Shopping Day!

Hello blog reader people. It is I, Brandon, here to blog for you and give you an overview of the day. So today started with a church service out in the back yard of the compound. Mark preached on Moses doing things his own way  rather than how God wanted to and He uses our […]

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Day 5

HELLO EVERYBODY, Yes hello and welcome to Faith’s reruns of the day. Today we all woke up and were super tired due to the amount of candy poker last night and other super fun games. As a group we are getting along so well and are creating so many new memories; its just incredible to […]

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La Dia Cuatro

Hi, its Ana, Today was another great day with new experiences. This morning we were all tired and we were reminded that God is with us always. That thought helped us get through the work part of the day. We made a lot of progress and by the end were feeling good about the amount […]

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